Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) is a market segment for IT security tools that are designed to identify misconfiguration issues and compliance risks in the cloud.

Discover Your Cloud Resources

Our solution continuously helps you discover all your assets and risks with a unique graph visualization that you can export.

Quickly Identifies Risks

We're continuously updating CVEs and alerting them by severity.

Operational Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of the cloud environment

Cloud Threat Protection

Use customizable MITRE ATT&CK matrix.

Locating Misconfigured Network Connectivity

Network analyzer that calculates all misconfiguration including internal connectivity risk and multi-dimension network segmentation network vulnerabilities.

Compliance - Best Practices

GDPR, HIPAA, SOC2, PCI-DSS, NIST, ISO, APRA, MAS, FEDRAMP, CIS, and more + the ability to create your own policies (with code or with a drag & drop interface).

Compliance Assessment

Generate and export coverage reports of all compliance frameworks with the option of customizing the reports, including evidence over time for the auditors.

Integration with DevSecOps Tools to Shift Left

See the risk as part of the CI/CD pipeline with Azure DevOps and Cloud Source Repositories integrations. Use the deep dive resource map with the option to export the filter data and customize the Architecture Graph view that simplifies the troubleshooting and eases the connection between the security unit and the Infrastructure, DevOps, develops, IT, SRE, and R&D teams.

Detecting Exceedingly Liberal Account Permissions

Continuously monitor for events that see account privileges breached or overstepped. Therefore, if a user accesses a resource not permitted in their department or job role, it will be immediately detected and prevented.

Automatically Remediates Misconfigurations

Automatically remediates misconfiguration, which ensures that any potential vulnerability is immediately patched, and the risk of exploitation is removed with a proactive auto-remediation option.

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