Application Secure Code Review Assessment

Secure Software Development Lifecycle Overview framework establishes guidelines for every organisation. The framework establishes a set of requirements and direction for product security, with the goal of reducing security risk exposure for any organisation.

This framework applies to all the software products and services. It also applies to related integration efforts involving commercial or open-source software. The customers, partners, and developers must have resources available to them to follow the SSDLC prior to publishing an application.

The Software development lifecycle follows traditional “SDLC for Agile” frameworks, with a few notable exceptions to gear it more towards development for the Industrial requirements. Not every task in the Agile process is represented as an SDL track in this procedure, but every track corresponds to a set of activities in the Agile process.

The following tracks are integral to the SSDLC implementation for an organization -

Developer Security Training

Design/Architecture Review

Threat Modeling

Security User Stories / Security Requirements

Automated Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Automated Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

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