Encrypted Communication Suite

The Encrypted Communication Suite is a comprehensive solution designed to ensure secure and private communication for individuals, businesses, and organizations. By employing advanced encryption techniques and robust security protocols, this suite offers a range of tools and features that safeguard sensitive information exchanged over digital channels. From email correspondence and instant messaging to file sharing and voice/video calls, the Encrypted Communication Suite aims to provide a seamless and impenetrable shield against unauthorized access, data breaches, and surveillance.

Encrypted communication is when two entities are communicating and do not want a third party to listen in. In order for this to be the case, entities need to communicate in a way unsusceptible to eavesdropping or interception.

Encryption is considered the main key factor of security to achieve confidentiality and to protect data from disclosure. Encryption is not efficient to achieve integrity. It needs another factor called authentication. Covert channel is created to transfer data indirectly between client and server. Before the client and server use the covert channel, they must agree on a pre-agreement knowledge.

Our solution is developed keeping in mind the following parameters


Mobile Security

Server Security

Communication Security

Secure deployment architecture

Flexibility to integrate with further security solutions and security mobile applications

Our unique in house developed solution is 100% customized and ensures end to end privacy.

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