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Morphisec Scout for Vulnerability Management

Your team needs software to do their job, and chances are they’re running so many different applications that they can’t stop for one more update or one more restart. Morphisec Scout automates your vulnerability management by prioritizing those applications your team uses around the clock to ensure you’re not wasting your time, nor your team’s time.


A generic solution may find your vulnerable applications, but only with the cost of network performance. A next-gen AV may do well to predict your problems, but only at the cost of false predictions that demand your unneeded attention. Morphisec Scout keeps it simple and prioritizes your vulnerability management needs based on your most used applications.Protect the applications you use most - those are the applications that attackers are looking to exploit.


Unknown threats abuse process memory at run-time and Morphisec Scout will ensure your applications run without any unwanted guests entering your network and without adding agents or taxing your endpoints in any way. Scout is personalized to your enterprise in order to guarantee that your vulnerabilities are prioritized for patching, based on application usage. So when you receive your list, you know your priorities are based not just on a vulnerability, but a likelihood that the vulnerability is on an often used application.

Key Benefits

Your applications, your priorities

A vulnerability must be seen to be exploited, and it won’t be seen if its application is unused. Morphisec prioritizes your vulnerabilities based on your usage.

No additional agent

Morphisec Scout is a cloud-delivered solution that utilizes your existing Protectors

Priced to the endpoint

Other solutions price to individual assets, Morphisec Scout keeps things simple and prices to each endpoint

Timing and Placement

Morphisec Scout sits on top of the Morphisec agent as an extension to ensure we know when and how often an application runs

Continuous Assessment

Constantly updates your usage data and new CVE information to constantly prioritize and re-prioritize

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