WIFI VAPT Assessment

Wireless penetration tests assess the adequacy of multiple security controls designed to protect unauthorized access to wireless services. Testing attempts to exploit wireless vulnerabilities to gain access to private (protected) wireless SSIDs or to escalate privileges on guest SSIDs intended to be isolated from private networks.

The wireless network brings convenience and mobility to internal users, but with this convenience comes additional risks. An attacker does not need to gain physical access if vulnerable wireless networks can be compromised from a safe distance. Wireless access provided to guests and visitors needs to be isolated from protected environments. Wireless provided to employees needs to protect those connections and the data transmitted over the air. Testing wireless networks is a critical activity to ensure wireless networks are providing only the intended access.

63 SATS WIFI VAPT services are designed to identify and address vulnerabilities, fortifying your WIFI infrastructure against cyber threats.

Here’s why you should choose 63 SATS

Developer Security Training

Design/Architecture Review

Threat Modeling

Here’s why you should choose 63 SATS

Comprehensive WIFI Security

We conduct thorough assessments to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in your WIFI networks, ensuring robust security.

Expert WIFI Security Team

Morphisec Guard brings enterprise grade visibility and control to Windows’ native antivirus, drive encryption, firewall, and device control.

Cutting-edge Testing Tools

Utilizing the latest tools and methodologies, we conduct WIFI VAPT to identify vulnerabilities that could compromise the security of your wireless networks.

Proactive Defense

Stay ahead of cyber threats by proactively addressing WIFI vulnerabilities and securing your wireless infrastructure.

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