IT Incident Investigation

Incident reporting in information technology (IT) refers to the process of documenting and communicating security incidents or other noteworthy events that impact the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of an organization's information systems. Proper incident reporting is a crucial component of an effective cybersecurity program and helps organizations respond promptly to security threats.

Incident investigation is a critical component of an effective cybersecurity program. When a security incident occurs, whether it's a data breach, unauthorized access, malware infection, or any other security breach, conducting a thorough investigation is essential to understand the nature of the incident, identify the root cause, and take appropriate remediation actions.

The purpose of the investigation process is to provide steps which are used to report and mitigate actual or suspected information security incidents which threaten the preservation of the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the company information.

Why choose 63 SATS?

The experts at 63 SATS carry out the investigation based on the below aspects:

Activation of Incident Response Plan

Incident Triage

Establish an Investigation Team

Preserve Evidence

Isolation and Containment

Forensic Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Timeline Reconstruction

Interviews and Documentation

Collaboration with Law Enforcement

Threat Intelligence Integration

Recovery and Eradication


Post-Incident Review

Documentation and Reporting

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Remediation and Mitigation

Lessons Learned

Continuous Improvement

Our approach at 63 SATS for conducting the Forensics Investigation

Comprehensive External Security

We specialize in comprehensive assessments to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in your external infrastructure, including websites, servers, and applications.

Expert External Security Team

Our team consists of skilled security experts with extensive experience in uncovering and mitigating security risks specific to external-facing systems.

Cutting-edge Testing Tools

Utilizing the latest tools and methodologies, we conduct External VAPT to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by external attackers.

Proactive Defense

Stay ahead of cyber threats by proactively addressing external vulnerabilities and securing your organization's external attack surface.

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