Mobile Application Security Assessment

Mobile penetration testing aims to detect security vulnerabilities and ensure that mobile applications are not vulnerable to attacks.

Android/iOS applications can be analysed either by using automated tools, or manually. During this process, the mobile penetration tester will use several techniques to simulate attacks, find security flaws in the mobile application, and gain access to sensitive data.

Modern Android/iOS applications are used for commercial purposes, healthcare, banking, learning, and more. These mobile applications, apart from holding sensitive information, also contain security vulnerabilities. Penetration testers and developers can find and fix these vulnerabilities and mitigate security risks.

With new vulnerabilities surfacing every day, mobile penetration testing is necessary to avoid fraud attacks, malware infections, and data leaks. This is vital for any company that wants to go live with a new app without having to worry about legal or security issues.

Here’s why you should choose 63 SATS

Developer Security Training

Design/Architecture Review

Threat Modeling

Why choose 63 SATS?

Comprehensive Mobile Security

We specialize in identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in mobile applications to protect your users and sensitive data.

Expert Mobile Security Team

Our team of mobile security experts brings a wealth of experience in uncovering and addressing security risks unique to mobile environments.

Cutting-edge Testing Techniques

Leveraging the latest tools and methodologies, we conduct thorough assessments to identify and address vulnerabilities specific to mobile platforms.

Protect Your Reputation

Safeguard your brand and maintain the trust of your users by proactively addressing mobile application security.

Our approach towards our clients

Client Focus 63 Sats Cybersecurity India

Client-focused Solutions

We prioritize understanding your mobile app security needs to deliver tailored VAPT services that align with your business goals.

Collaboration and Transparency

Work closely with our mobile security experts in a transparent and collaborative partnership to enhance your mobile app security posture.

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