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Morphisec Keep Server & Cloud Protection

Servers and cloud workloads are a prime target for hackers. For good reason: your organization’s servers contain the highest value information assets in the entire enterprise. Morphisec Keep proactively prevents the most damaging cyberattacks on your physical and virtual servers with critical exploit prevention and memory protection technology.

Morphisec Keep server and cloud threat prevention employs patented zero trust runtime security powered by moving target defense technology to deterministically block attacks against both physical and virtual servers, regardless of whether they are on-premises or in the cloud, Windows or Linux. Antivirus and EDR are too heavyweight and easily bypassed

Secure Servers & Workloads Across Attack Vectors

Secure Servers & Workloads Across Attack Vectors

Morphisec prevents browser, document, and supply chain attacks that target servers during admin logon sessions.

Lateral Movement

Morphisec stops attackers moving laterally from a workstation to a server, from server to server, or from workload to workload.

Virtual Applications

Morphisec’s lightweight agent means virtual apps can be secure without memory constraints

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Moving Target 63 Sats Cybersecurity India

Moving Target Defense for Maximum Protection

Zero Trust Execution technology, powered by moving target defense, morphs the runtime environment, allowing authorized code to run safely while malicious code is deterministically blocked and trapped. It prevents evasive attacks, zero-days and attacks targeting known but unpatched vulnerabilities within whitelisted applications. It does so in a deterministic manner, without generating alerts to be analyzed, via a lightweight, easy to install 3MB agent requiring no administration.

Secure Virtual Application Servers

Most endpoint security solutions require updates and consume CPU resources that make them unsuitable for virtualized environments, while virtual application vendor security solutions don’t provide enough protection. At the same time, virtual environments face substantially more risk as more people in various roles have access to the server, thereby increasing the threat exposure

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Simple to Rollout and Operate

Morphisec Keep is rapidly deployed through the cloud, with rollout measured in hours and days. The solution requires near zero maintenance and needs no configuration or tuning, ensuring very low ongoing costs. There is no monitoring or collection of personal data, a big plus for privacy aware companies

As Morphisec does not generate false positives, there is no associated alert fatigue or wasting resources on attacks that never occurred. Morphisec is extremely lightweight and does not require updates, making it optimal for virtualized environments.

Key Benefits

Stop Advanced Threats and Zero Days

Prevents zero-days and advanced attacks, without requiring any prior knowledge of the threat form, type or behavior.

Virtually Patch Vulnerabilities

Keeps your servers protected from vulnerability exploits when patches are not yet available or deployed.

Prevent Lateral Movement

Stop attackers from engaging in lateral movement to increase their attack surface.

Set And Forget

Rapid, easy rollout with no system conflicts and zero maintenance – no databases, signatures or rules to configure and update, no logs and alerts to analyze.

No System Impact

Lightweight, stateless agent with minimal footprint, no run-time components and zero performance impact.

Cut Security Operational Costs

Does not generate false alerts, no need to investigate, analyze or remediate. Blocks attacks pre-breach, before they can do any damage.

Available For Windows And Linux Servers

Morphisec Keep protects Windows and Linux servers regardless of whether they are on-prem or in the cloud.


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