Secure Your Data Transfer

Secure Your Data Transfer

In today’s digital age, data transfer has become an integral part of our personal and professional lives. Whether it’s exchanging sensitive information, financial records, or personal files, ensuring the security and confidentiality of your data during transfer is of utmost importance. Hackers and cybercriminals are constantly seeking ways to exploit vulnerabilities and intercept data, making data protection a critical concern. To safeguard your data during transfer, follow these best practices

Trojan Hunt India’s Data Diode Hardware

Our Data Diode Hardware is the device that guarantees one-wayness of a network connection. With it, you can assure that secrets remain secret, and critical systems are not manipulated.

Data Diode is the only one-way solution worldwide that has seen overwhelming independent confirmation of its security claims, and has a Common Criteria Evaluation at EAL7+.

Moreover, the Data Diode is the only one-way solution that guarantees one-wayness at a physical level: it does not have software, firmware or FPGAs. Hence, it cannot be exploited or misconfigured.

Ensuring your CONFIDENTIAL Information remains CONFIDENTIAL.

Enables lightning- fast data transfers

Get things done, fast! Transfer large datasets in milliseconds over our 1-10Gbps network.

Forces one-way data traffic

Prevent data leaks and stop malicious actors from accessing your assets without compromising usability.

Has the highest certifications

Independent experts have awarded us the highest certifications, like CC EAL7+ and NATO (TOP SECRET & Green scheme).

Data diode is a one-way information transfer device that connects two networks of different security levels and allows information to be sent to the more secure network without the risk of information leakage. This has been the use case for critical infrastructure and SCADA systems as well as military networks, but is becoming more and more problematic as the need to import and export data from the isolated networks is increasing. The manual transfer of data not only generates a security risk but also a huge work load, and is prone to human error.


Harvest the benefits of business integration while stopping all cyber-attacks directed at your critical assets and production infrastructure. Data Diode is the one-way network solution you need. Have real-time, 24×7 status information of your assets, without putting them at cyber risk.

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