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Jun 20, 2024 / Cyber Security

63SATS: Your Ultimate Roadmap for Cybersecurity Excellence

63SATS, a leading cybersecurity solutions provider. Learn how to enhance your organization's security with a…

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Blog by Neehar Pathare

Jun 18, 2024 / Cyber Security

Generative AI’s Dual Impact on Society and Cybersecurity

Explore how Generative AI transforms society & economy while posing cybersecurity challenges. Learn about AI's…

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Operation Endgame Blog Banner Thumbnail

Jun 18, 2024 / Cyber Security

Operation Endgame: FBI Leads Historic Multi-Nation Raid on Cybercriminal Infrastructure

Operation Endgame: On May 28, 2024, the FBI, in a global alliance, dismantled major cybercriminal…

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External Threats vs Internal Threats Thumbnail

Jun 13, 2024 / Cyber Security

External Threats vs. Internal Threats in Cybersecurity

Explore the differences between external and internal threats in cybersecurity, their impact, mitigation strategies, and…

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Choosing the Right VAPT Service Provider Thumbnail

Jun 11, 2024 / Cyber Security

Choosing the Right VAPT Service Provider: 10 Key Factors to Consider

Discover 10 essential factors to evaluate when choosing a VAPT service provider. Ensure your business's…

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Red Teamer hacker blog Thumbnail

Jun 11, 2024 / Cyber Security

Undercover in the Boardroom: How a Red Teamer Hacked a Bank

Discover the thrilling story of a Red Teamer who hacked a bank, accessing sensitive emails…

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Ransomware attacks on hospitals

Jun 04, 2024 / Cyber Security

Ruthless Ransomware Compromises Critical Care: Babies and Elderly Lost Due to Cyber Attacks

Ransomware attacks on hospitals risk more than data—lives are on the line. Recent cases reveal…

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Virtual Server Protection Blog Thumbnail

May 30, 2024 / Cyber Security

Understanding the Importance of Virtual Server Protection in Today’s Cyber Landscape

Discover the significance of virtual server protection. Learn about security risks, virtually patching vulnerabilities, best…

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Moving Target Defense in Cybersecurity Thumbnail

May 28, 2024 / Cyber Security

What is Moving Target Defense in Cybersecurity?

Dive into the world of Moving Target Defense (MTD) in cyber security, exploring its techniques,…

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Neehar Pathare, Tech CEO

May 27, 2024 / Cyber Threats

Unveiling the Shadowy Threat of Malicious LLMs in Cybersecurity

Explore the sinister world of malicious large language models (LLMs) and how businesses can leverage…

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