Under Constant Fire: 5 Companies Weathering Countless Cyber Attacks Over the Past Decade

How tech giants have survived cyber attacks for 10 years
May 9, 2024 Cyber Security
By Ashwani Mishra, Head Content Strategy and Editorial, 63 SATS

Tech giants have found themselves frequent targets of malicious actors, facing a barrage of attacks and breaches over the past decade. Among these companies are AWS, Google, Verizon, Microsoft, and Meta (formerly Facebook), each grappling with persistent threats to their digital fortresses.

Amazon Web Services (AWS):

As the leading cloud computing platform, AWS has become a prime target for cyberattacks. Breaches involving AWS have ranged from misconfigured cloud storage buckets exposing sensitive data to insider threats exploiting loopholes in security protocols. Incidents such as the Capital One breach in 2019 and the FlexBooker breach in 2021 underscore the challenges of securing vast cloud infrastructures.


With its extensive portfolio of products and services, Google has faced numerous security challenges, from data leaks in platforms like Google+ to malware infiltrating Android devices through the Google Play Store. The company has grappled with vulnerabilities in its ecosystem, including email snooping revelations and password leaks, highlighting the complexities of safeguarding user data across diverse platforms.

Meta (formerly Facebook):

With its vast social media empire, Meta has been a prime target for cyberattacks seeking to exploit user data for various purposes. From massive data leaks affecting hundreds of millions of users to scandals like the Cambridge Analytica incident, Meta has grappled with breaches that have eroded trust and sparked regulatory scrutiny, underscoring the importance of robust privacy and security measures.


As one of the world’s largest technology companies, Microsoft has faced a barrage of cyberattacks targeting its software, cloud services, and user accounts. From vulnerabilities in products like Microsoft Exchange Server leading to widespread hacks to data leaks exposing millions of customer records, the company has been at the forefront of cybersecurity battles, striving to fortify its defenses against evolving threats.


As a telecommunications giant, Verizon holds a wealth of customer data, making it an attractive target for cybercriminals. Breaches targeting Verizon have ranged from data leaks exposing millions of customer records to insider threats attempting to ransom employee databases. The company has confronted challenges in protecting both its network infrastructure and customer information from persistent cyber threats.

Despite their efforts to bolster cybersecurity measures, these companies continue to face persistent threats. As the pace of technological innovation accelerates, the need for proactive security measures and swift incident response remains paramount to safeguarding sensitive data and preserving user trust in an interconnected world.

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