2024 Cyber Threat Landscape Forecast

March 26, 2024 | Cyber Threats
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Resecurity, a renowned cybersecurity firm based in Los Angeles, has meticulously analyzed the evolving landscape of cyber threats to compile a comprehensive forecast for the upcoming year. Drawing insights from the Dark Web’s underground economy and notable incidents targeting corporations and governments, Resecurity has outlined the imminent challenges and threats that organizations may face in 2024. 

Escalation of Ransomware Attacks on Public Companies

Ransomware groups are expected to intensify their targeting of publicly traded organizations, driven by recent SEC regulations that mandate incident disclosures and reporting. Malicious actors will exploit these regulations to coerce victims into paying ransoms, leveraging the threat of GDPR compliance violations and regulatory fines. Notable examples include the BianLian Ransomware Group's activities against publicly traded organizations in Singapore.

Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure, Particularly in Energy and Nuclear Sectors

Critical infrastructure, including energy and nuclear facilities, remains a prime target for cyber-attacks. Recent incidents, such as Iranian-backed cybercriminals targeting a water utility in Pennsylvania, highlight the potential risks of cyberterrorism and cybercrime in these sectors. Resecurity's report underscores the heightened threat to the nuclear sector, driven by geopolitical motives.

Weaponization of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Malicious actors are expected to increasingly harness AI for cyber operations, enabling them to scale and optimize attacks. This includes the development of autonomous weapons capable of making lethal decisions without human intervention. The integration of AI into military applications also raises concerns about a global arms race and the ethical implications of AI-driven warfare.

Security Challenges in Smart Cities

As smart cities become more technologically integrated, they face growing cybersecurity challenges, particularly with the rise of AI-powered threats. These threats include advanced phishing and malware attacks that can evade detection, posing significant risks to urban infrastructure and public safety.

Attacks on Digital Identity

The proliferation of attacks targeting digital identities is anticipated to lead to large-scale data breaches, posing privacy risks for consumers and economic losses for businesses. Biometric authentication and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) are emerging as key strategies to enhance identity protection, along with the use of blockchain technology for secure storage of digital identities.


Resecurity's forecast highlights the importance of vigilance and collaboration in addressing emerging cybersecurity threats. As organizations navigate the complex landscape of cyber threats in 2024, proactive measures and innovative solutions will be essential to ensure a secure digital future.



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