63 moons Pioneering a Nationwide Cybersecurity Franchise Opportunity - Launching in Ahmedabad on 1st March, 2024

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February 27, 2024 | Cyber Security, Franchise Roadshows

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63 moons technologies Limited, a global leader in building innovative digital platforms and solutions, is charting an ambitious foray into cybersecurity. Aligned with its legacy of enabling efficient markets through technology, 63 moons is spearheading an ambitious entrepreneurship drive to secure the country’s deepening digital footprint. Through an expansive network of cybersecurity franchise partners, 63 moons aims to make cutting-edge protection accessible even in remote corners of the nation.

Turning Cybersecurity into a Rewarding Business Venture

The franchise model allows aspiring professionals to operate their own profitable cybersecurity venture powered by 63 moons’ expertise and technological prowess. With digital risks mounting exponentially, this represents a timely business opportunity to safeguard local communities while spurring regional economic growth.

Equipping Partners with World-class Cybersecurity Capabilities

63 moons has forged global alliances with elite cybersecurity firms from Israel, the USA and beyond. Franchisees can tap into these state-of-the-art technologies:

  • Polymorphic Endpoint Security:
    Protecting devices through advanced memory-centric defense
  • Encrypted Communications:
    Securing business interactions over phone/email
  • Managed Cloud Security:
    Shielding cloud platforms from configuration risks
  • Surveillance Detection:
    Checking premises and networks for spying devices
  • Emerging Tech Assessments:
    Evaluating innovations like blockchain, AI and IoT

Introducing 63 SATS: Your Own Cyber Security Force

63 moons cybersecurity vertical "63 SATS" envisages being the vanguard, securing India's digital landscape. The brand logo symbolises a dedicated cybersecurity force's resilience and round-the-clock vigilance, representing excellence in safeguarding your technology ecosystems.

Centralised Security Operations Supported by Decentralized Partners

63 SATS has established a state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC) manned by cybersecurity experts monitoring threats, conducting simulations, and responding to incidents in real time. This central SOC will be supported by a vast network of cybersecurity partners and franchisees across India's cities and towns.

Delivering Localized Support and Services Nationwide

Through the decentralised franchise model comprising cybersecurity solution centres across Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities, 63 moons envisions bringing international-grade products and services to small towns and remote areas. Partners can offer:

  • Incident Response:
    Mitigating ongoing cyber attacks and data breaches
  • Digital Forensics:
    Investigating cyber incidents through device/network analysis
  • Security Training:
    Building cyber awareness among employees and citizens
  • Compliance Audits:
    Assessing technology environments against regulations

Launching in Ahmedabad on 1st March, 2024

63 moons is spearheading an ambitious network of cybersecurity partners through franchise roadshows across 52 cities. This will enable localised support and services to customers even in remote locations.

The first roadshow commences in Ahmedabad on 1 March 2024 to onboard partners in Gujarat. It will highlight the opportunities for aspiring cybersecurity entrepreneurs to utilise 63 SATS capabilities and grow their own enterprises. Follow-on events will target metro hubs like Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi NCR and Tier 2/3 cities.

Gujarat's aspiring businesses and security professionals are invited to embark on an economically rewarding partnership safeguarding state residents and enterprises against intensifying digital threats.

An Opportunity to Lead India's Cybersecurity Charge

As digital permeates deeper into the fabric of our nation, the need for robust localised security has never been more acute. 63 moons invites passionate entrepreneurs to seize this chance and spearhead the cybersecurity vanguard through an empowering business model that lets you positively impact your communities while reaching new heights of professional success.



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