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How A Company Can Measure the Maturity Of The Dark Web Intelligence Program

February 19, 2024 | Cyber Security

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When delving into research on the dark web, distinct legal, regulatory, and political hazards emerge, distinct from other research realms. Despite analysts and intelligence firms framing their work as research, risks persist, necessitating the establishment of policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to mitigate potential dangers to both analysts and their organizations, as well as their clients. Resecurity boasts expertise in aiding clients in crafting a research strategy that not only amplifies their company’s influence but also safeguards their offerings, services, and clientele while minimizing the perils associated with gathering such distinctive insights.

Table describing several key points

This blog post targets managers and analysts tasked with safeguarding their company and employees against cybercrime. Whether novices in this arena or seasoned experts, readers can gain insights into relevant metrics pertinent to their endeavors.

Key Takeaways

- Researching on the dark web entails unique risks compared to other research domains, necessitating considerations of legal, regulatory, and political dimensions.

- Resecurity offers assistance to companies in delineating a suitable dark web research maturity model and formulating policies and procedures for leveraging dark web intelligence to protect their products, services, customers, employees, and intellectual property.

-  Each company should aspire to attain a maturity score aligned with its distinct resources, risks, tolerances, and legal/regulatory obligations. The goal is to achieve a maturity score tailored to the company's specific context.

- The variables listed in this blog may require customization for individual companies. Our aim is to aid companies in devising a personalized set of variables pertinent to their unique requirements.

- Similar to other forms of research, dark web research demands agility and responsiveness to potential threats, all while managing budgetary constraints. Standardized processes such as SOPs, research briefs, and review mechanisms can enhance the efficiency of dark web research endeavors.

-  Resecurity endeavors to furnish companies with a framework for assessing the maturity of their dark web intelligence research. However, it is not intended as legal counsel but rather as a guide for companies to establish their own policies and SOPs.



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