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Forensic Investigation

Forensic Investigation is the process of identifying chain of events of the occurred incident.

Digital Forensics is important in ensuring the integrity of digital data, protecting individuals and businesses from cybercrime, and ensuring justice is served in legal cases.

A few examples on how an incident might occur

  1. To describe the incident itself like was it a data breach, a cyberattack, unauthorized access, intellectual property theft, or another type of digital crime.
  2. A detailed chronology of events leading up to and following the data breach, providing a comprehensive understanding of how the intrusion occurred and its subsequent impact.
  3. Analysis of digital communications, revealing patterns of interaction between involved parties and potential collaborators, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of the breach's scope.

Our approach at 63 SATS for conducting the Forensics Investigation

Collect proof of evidence, preservation, and integrity from client.

Result analysis and reporting.

Result analysis and reporting.

Follow ACPO’s (Association of Chief Police Officers) Good Practice for Digital Forensics.

Follow SWGDE’s (Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence) best practices for computer forensics.

Our approach at 63 SATS for conducting the Forensics Investigation

Comprehensive External Security

We specialize in comprehensive assessments to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in your external infrastructure, including websites, servers, and applications.

Expert External Security Team

Our team consists of skilled security experts with extensive experience in uncovering and mitigating security risks specific to external-facing systems.

Cutting-edge Testing Tools

Utilizing the latest tools and methodologies, we conduct External VAPT to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by external attackers.

Proactive Defense

Stay ahead of cyber threats by proactively addressing external vulnerabilities and securing your organization's external attack surface.

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