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Boost NGAV & EDR for Defense-in-Depth

Mainstream cybersecurity products need help. They detect too much and prevent too little, costing businesses millions of dollars as unknown, fileless, and in-memory attacks bypass signature and detection-based tools. These attacks include ransomware, new malware, supply chain attacks, and unpatched vulnerabilities.

Our solution Windows Endpoints stops these attacks, providing prevention-first security in an automated, real time manner. The best zero trust endpoint security solution powered by patented, automated Moving Target Defense technology.

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The Best Prevention-First Security

Our solution for Windows Endpoint Protection is the only solution designed to protect critical applications from the advanced threats that evade detection-based solutions. All without the need for prior knowledge.

We proactively prevents evasive threats that bypass today’s AV, EDR and EPP solutions.

Save time and resources — no investigation, threat hunting or pursuit of thousands of false positives.

Zero trust at runtime means evasive threats can’t gain persistence in corporate systems.

Extending Zero Trust to the Endpoint

Our solution extends the power of zero trust to the endpoint, protecting customers from damaging attacks like Kaseya and SolarWinds without prior knowledge. Our solution costs 30% less than the competition and minimizes your attack surface.
  • Protects virtual and physical endpoints against supply chain attacks and other in-memory threats

  • It prevents over 15k attacks a day, the same attacks that regularly bypass the most common endpoint tools

  • Prevent breaches with a smaller security stack for a true defense-in-depth approach

Protects the Entire Organization Against

Advanced Ransomware

Evasive Malware

File-Based Malware

Zero Days

Fileless Attacks

Earliest Stage, Proactive Endpoint Protection

Our solution extends your prevention capabilities beyond that of any other antivirus through Moving Target Defense by creating a zero-trust execution environment. By morphing memory resources only trusted code can run so advanced threats are prevented even when there is no known signature or behavioral pattern. Additionally, rich forensic information is captured for teams who need it.

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Security Without Compromise 63 Sats Cybersecurity India

Security Without Compromise

Our solution is a single agent solution that fully maximizes Windows’ native security features, with no runtime component and no performance impact. It runs autonomously so your endpoints are always protected, even when not connected to your company’s network. Our Solution Security Center, an on-premises or cloud-based management console, provides end-to-end visibility into organization-wide threats, including file-based and fileless threats, and effortless control over settings and functionality

How It Works

Our solution creates a zero-trust execution environment by morphing the application memory. This changes the memory structure of your applications so only trusted code is allowed to execute. By doing this, it prevents zero days, fileless attacks, in-memory exploits, and evasive malware.

Additionally, it takes control of native Windows’ antivirus (Defender), drive encryption (BitLocker), personal firewall, and device control. By adding visibility, control, and anti-tampering to native OS security, you don’t have to pay for what you already have. Achieve better protection while reducing costs.

Secure Everything

Our solution secures your physical, and virtual endpoints, including VMware Horizon View and Citrix.

Key Benefits

Prevent All Modern Threats

True prevention that extends beyond antivirus means stopping fileless attacks, exploits, and zero days without the need for manual investigation and remediation.

Don't Pay For What You Have

It brings enterprise grade visibility and control to Windows’ native antivirus, drive encryption, firewall, and device control.

Consolidate Your Stack

It offers a complete endpoint security solution with one agent that is managed through the Our Solution Security Center -- a single pane of glass.

Set And Forget

The cloud deployed, user mode agent is easily installed without requiring a reboot. Endpoints are immediately protected without any configuration required.

Eliminate System Impact

The 3MB stateless agent consumes zero CPU and works silently so end users machine performance will be unaffected.

Avoid Manual Efforts

No false alerts and no need to investigate or remediate means it will secure your business automatically and immediately.

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