Proactive Protection for Linux Devices

Our Moving Target Defense technology creates an unpredictable attack surface in memory at runtime that proactively prevents known, unknown, evasive, and zero-day threats that are largely undetectable.

Protect your Linux Servers and Devices with our MTD Solution

Protect Linux servers from advanced threats

Negligible workload performance impact

Slash alert overload and SOC OPEX costs

Reduce patch vulnerability risks

Proven results against Linux attacks

Harden virtual and physical server security

Moving Target Defense For Linux Servers

Linux employs a revolutionary, patented technology called Moving Target Defense (MTD). 

  • Morphing logic and runtime traps create a dynamic attack surface threat actors can’t penetrate.
  • Blocks remote, unauthorized, and otherwise weaponized code execution; living off the land (LoTL) and man-in-the-middle (MiTM) privilege escalation, fileless attacks, polymorphic defense evasion, and other advanced tactics.
  • Gartner affirms MTD is easy to implement, complementary, and scalable.
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Security Benefits

  • Stop supply chain, fileless, unknown, zero-day, and other stealthy and evasive attacks at runtime 
  • Deterministically block advanced remote code execution (RCE) and privilege escalation (PE) 
  • Unrivaled protection for legacy and under-protected Linux systems
  • Augments detection and response solutions without relying on signatures or behavioral analysis for ultra-effective Defense-in-Depth 
  • Makes every system look different over time, as well as different from all other systems 

Operational Benefits

  • Negligible memory and CPU footprint
  • No active internet connection needed, air-gap compatible
  • Ultra-low maintenance, slashes false positive alert overload
  • No additional headcount required
  • Protects OT/IoT devices + on-premises, cloud, and web servers
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