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Revolutionize threat exposure management by illuminating blind spots lurking in your environment.  Gain unprecedented visibility, actionable insights, and tailored recommendations to fortify your defenses. 

Powered by Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD), Adaptive Exposure Management zeroes in on security weaknesses and continuously adjusts to address new threats.

Multi-layered Exposure Management

Elevate your security posture with multiple layers of actionable insights that prioritize risks according to your business context and its unique environment. Adaptive Exposure Management delivers vulnerability prioritization,  automatically assesses your security controls, identifies high-risk software, addresses security misconfigurations, and provides actionable insights.

Vulnerability Prioritization

Leverage next-generation vulnerability prioritization and streamline patch management efforts with continuous, risk-driven remediation recommendations that are tailored to your business context.

Security Controls Validation

Continuously monitor endpoint protection solutions to ensure they are operational and functioning as intended.

High-Risk Software

Identify high-risk software active on endpoints, abuse of which can lead to compromising security.

Security Misconfigurations

Regularly check for misconfiguration within endpoint protection solutions that could lead to vulnerabilities.

Risk Analyzer

Continually and dynamically aggregates a risk score representing the organization’s security exposure, while recommending remediation actions.

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