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63 moons unveils disruptive technology in Cybersecurity

  • Launched India’s first comprehensive mobile security solution for 80 croremobile phone market through CYBXTM.
  • First-of-its-kind customized enterprise solution for protecting digital infrastructure through 63 SATSTM.
  • Vital defence against digital attacks to protect critical public infrastructure network through CYBERDOMETM.
  • The value of Indian cybersecurity market is likely to hit Rs 1 Lakh Crore by 2029.
  • 63 moons is offering a pan-India franchise network to capitalise the digital economy wave that is set to become bigger than the physical economy.
New Delhi, February 21, 2024

63 Moons Technologies Limited, a pioneer in developing next-generation technologies, continues its legacy of innovation and disruption by entering into the critical realm of cybersecurity.

Given the unprecedented scale and viciousness of cyberattacks, cybersecurity is paramount for all individuals, corporate entities, and countries. In this regard, 63 moons has introduced pathbreaking products and services, enabled through its three verticals - CYBXTM (for every mobile phone), 63 SATSTM (for every enterprise server) and CYBERDOMETM (for every city, every state, and the country). They are powered by a Centralised Security Operations Nerve Centre (SOC) & supported by a decentralised franchise network.

63 moons’ cybersecurity verticals are formed in alliance with the world’s 10 best cybersecurity firms, from Israel to USA. The Company's culture of innovation has attracted some of the leading cybersecurity firms, such as Blackberry, Resecurity, Morphisec, etc. to partner for creating the best-in-class and comprehensive cybersecurity suite.

Known for its legacy of initiating multiple unicorns, 63 moons is now poised to enter a space which has witnessed potential decacorn with these futuristic and transformative cybersecurity technologies, as the value of Indian cybersecurity market is likely to hit Rs 1 Lakh Crore by 2029, amidst the estimated value of global cyber security market expected to reach Rs 42 Lakh Crore by 2030.

"The rollout of CYBXTM, 63 SATSTM and CYBERDOMETM is a testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguard every internet-connected device across India,” said Neehar Pathare, Tech CEO, 63 SATSTM

Helps every mobile phone user make secure calls with its intuitive Dialer App with a verified number database. It also helps to check WiFi status and associated risks, protect from malicious and unverified inbound messages, identify potential threats and verify the safety of each URL link. It also tracks application network and resource utilization for performance monitoring and provides a dashboard showing the heath of all apps.

Provides customized enterprise solution for protecting digital infrastructure and state of the art malware protection, anti-Pegasus mobile
threat defence, data air-gapping using galvanic separation. This vertical also offers Real Time Adversarial Simulation, Cloud Security from architecture to runtime, Cyber threat intelligence with Dark web / botnet monitoring. Services catering to DPDP Privacy ACT Compliance and Digital Forensic & Ransomware Incident Response are also ensured.

 Provides every city, every state and nation, the defence-grade end to end secured communications. The Comprehensive Cloud Security
management is provided, including Data protection against ransomware and Data Privacy threat intelligence. Defence against large-scale cyberattacks are provided besides protection against state-sponsored spyware attacks.

63 moons is offering a well-knit, pan-India franchise network to capitalise on the digital economy wave that is set to become bigger than the physical economy. With the 52-city roadshow, commencing from March 1, 2024, 63 moons aims to enable nationwide network of franchisees and provide range of products and services.

For details, please contact: Sanjiv Kumar – 9312456677
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