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Cyber Attackers Innovate, Evade: Notable Hacker Groups in the News

April 29, 2024 | Cyber Crime

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Rising threats: Here are some noteworthy Hacker Groups and their recent exploits.

As cybersecurity defenses evolve, cyber attackers are continuously refining their techniques to evade detection and conceal their activities within target systems.

Here are notable hacker groups making headlines:

toddy cat 63 Sats Cybersecurity India


This Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group primarily focuses on governmental organizations, particularly those in the Asia-Pacific region with defense-related interests. ToddyCat’s primary objective is to pilfer sensitive information from compromised hosts.


Recently, French underwear manufacturer Le Slip Français fell victim to a data breach. Allegedly, the perpetrator behind this breach was ShopifyGUY, who had previously claimed responsibility for breaching the data of Indian audio products and smartwatch maker boAt Lifestyle. Reports indicate that boAt Lifestyle experienced a data breach, exposing the personal information of over 7.5 million customers.

Volte group 63 Sats Cybersecurity India

Volt Typhoon

This hacker group operates as a Chinese state-sponsored entity. Volt Typhoon is tasked with infiltrating various sectors, including American utilities, energy companies, military installations, and telecommunications firms. There are reports suggesting that they have successfully compromised the networks of several American organizations.



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